My Makerspace

Posted by Sarah Brandt on

My little corner office, makerspace, shipping center... aka the corner of my kitchen.  I took this picture the afternoon I moved everything in after we bought Feltman+Co. recently.  It's rarely been this neat since- covered with beads and teethers and jewelry and back again- but I have so enjoyed creating in my little space ( where I can also conveniently monitor my never ending laundry and dishes)!  I love filling and packing each order, getting ready for the Farmer's Market and other shows, and designing new styles.  The flexibility of working from home on days I'm not teaching has really been amazing, although I struggle at times to stay focused and balanced when my "work" is also easily done in the snuggly confines of my giant bed.  I invite you to join me on this new adventure, as I share my designs, events, thoughts, and love of art and learning!

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